Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I just read a blog entry at Road Runner Magazine (a great magazine by the way) about commuting on the bike.  I've thought about posting something similar but haven't gotten around to it.  I thought I might take the time to do it now.

I got a late start on the riding season this year for some reason.  It was July before I took my first real, good ride.  I've been making up for it since.  Aside from the Labor Day ride I've ridden up to Denver a few times and just cruised around town for the heck of it quite a bit.  I like riding around town to get to know it.  Even though I've lived in Colorado Springs since '09 this town is a hard place to get to know.  It's always a lot more fun to explore a place on a bike.

On top of all the leisure riding I've done I've also been commuting a lot more.  The commute is a mile to the interstate and then about 15 miles down I-25 with another 3 mile jaunt on surface roads.  The roads are all pretty hectic and traffic usually flows fast.

I had a hard time getting myself to ride to work because I think I've gotten lazy and spoiled.  I like not fighting wind blast.  I like being able to drink coffee and listen to Bob & Tom on the radio.  And I like not worrying about putting my feet down when I stop.  The more I ride though the less I miss that stuff.  I'm sure I'll get tired of the wind blast again and go back to driving the truck for a while.  I'm okay with that.  I used to be one of those guys that would pride myself on riding everyday, rain or shine, hardcore style.  Now not so much.  I'm kind of old and more concerned about comfort and pleasing myself than some guy on a message board.  This was a comment to the blog post I was referring to
"I guess your really not a hard core motorcyclist but a fair weather rider. I ride daily, most everywhere, taking my daughter to school and back to work, to clients, shopping, every where. I do just over 100,000 a year."  

Harsh!  Well whatever.

I myself have really been into the commute because the weather has been perfect for riding most days.  It's rained on me the last two days but like I've mentioned before, I like riding in the rain.  The temperature has been just perfect so that I'm warm but don't sweat in my rain suit.  That's ideal to me.  As a matter of fact it was so beautiful out I was tempted to just call off sick and head for the mountains (which looked just like the Misty Mountains from The Lord of the Rings this morning.  It's a good thing I didn't though, CO 24 was closed due to flash flooding.   I stayed off the interstate though.  I don't like riding the freeway in the rain.

So, you have the weather but the other element is the, I hesitate to say it, Zen state I get into.  I don't think a lot about outside things when riding.  I focus on the road and the guy with the gauge, tattoos and sideways trucker cap in the WRX about to cut me off.  Even when it's not that hectic I'm scanning the road for deer or just checking the rearview mirror.  I just don't have time to think about stressful things.  If someone pulls into my lane I get mad but don't (or can't) stay mad.  I have to move on to the next threat.  I don't want to make it sound like a round of Death Race 2000 or Thunderdome.  There isn't that constant challenge, you just have to constantly watch for it.

By the time I get to work I'm relaxed and happy and ready for the day.

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