Sunday, April 30, 2006

Conway, Arkansas to Little Rock, Arkansas

I just took a small Sunday drive today from Conway across SR 64 into Beebee and down SR 67 to Little Rock. It was a pleasant ride through the farmlands. I left around 10:00 o'clock this morning so the traffic was pretty light. Things don't get hopping until noon or so, as most of the cars are in church parking lots until then. As I got into North Little Rock there was quite a bit of construction on 67 and the traffic picked up considerably so it was hairy going for awhile. Once I made the quick hop on SR 67/I-40 to I-30 south into downtown everything calmed down again. The city seems nice and clean. It's a smaller city but pretty. It's laid out on two sides of the Arkansas River. There's a revitialized riverfront developement with shops, resturaunts and a park (complete with a pavilion for live performances). Of course all of this was closed while I was there.

After getting off the bike and walking around the park for awhile I decided to head over to the William J Clinton Presidential Library. It's a pleasant looking building from the highway so I thought I'd get an upclose look. I wasn't in the mood to walk around inside so I thought I would save that for another trip. I did get some nice pictures of the outside. Like everything else around here, Sunday morning seems to be a good time to go. The library was open but there were no long lines or crowds to fight. I made one last pass through town and the auto and pedestrian traffic was beginning to pick up. I headed back up SR 67 to 64 and hightailed it home.

The day was sunny and mild. I think the high was 74 degrees. After yesterday's deluge I was happy to get out on the road for a bit.

Miles - 132


Anonymous said...

2 things Brian, are you telling be you missed the brewhouse in that riverfront area? It has some selection and a killer happy hour mid week. When I was down there all the locals described the museum by saying " it looks like a big ole trailer" Thoughts?


Brian said...

Now that you mention it, it does kind of remind me of a fifth wheel.

I did miss the brewhouse, I was there on Sunday morning and Arkansas is the buckle of the bible belt. I pretty much had the place to myself but everything was closed.